Meet The Garcias

Hi! We are Bethanie and Anthony Garcia, owners of Alé + Elli (pronounced Al-lay and El-ee). Together, we have four children: Brooklynn Alessandra, Harlym Jeter, Anthony Elias (aka Deuce), and Bronx Elliot. Anthony works full-time as a technician and Bethanie works full-time as a professional blogger. We are highschool sweethearts who love to explore our beautiful state, order in food, and binge the latest TV shows.
Alé + Elli was created in February 2019. Bethanie loves styling her kids in modern, bohemian pieces, but struggled to find her style in big box stores. She had the idea to start her own clothing brand and Anthony immediately jumped on board. Each piece is curated with YOUR little ones specifically in mind. And each piece is named after someone near and dear to our hearts!
Our brand is named after our children. Alé for Alessandra and Elli for Elliot.
You can follow Bethanie on Instagram HERE and Anthony on Instagram HERE.